Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Those Autumn Leaves...drift by my window....

Hi from Inn at Long Lake.

Looks like Fall in New England is at our door. The nights are crisp and cool; the days have been glorious. Driving to some errands yesterday I was so amazed as the smattering of colors coming to life on the trees. They are like gentle fireworks held in Nature's hands!

This month I get inspired by Pumpkin, Cherries, and Apples (later Cranberries find their way into the picture). I work these into breakfast dishes or in the Inn-baked Cookie/Treat of the Day (come check-in early---they are best right out of oven!!). Guests really enjoy them as a snack after dinner, too.

Getting ready for a busy inn during the Fryeburg Fair next week. The Adelaire Room was just given a makeover, too, today. Looks great!

That's all from the Inn for today!

Your Maine Innkeeper

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The End of Summer's Glory

Hi to all from Inn at Long Lake!

Summer's end is always bittersweet here in New England. The Summer, with its face-paced, activity-driven buzz softens into cooler, crisp days and colors of change and quietude.
Our Sing Out Summer Sing-a-long Evening with Charles Grindle was enchanting. Charles arrived decked out in a white tuxedo with teal cummerbund and matching bowtie. The lights in the inn's Great Room were turned down to "romance level" (a setting electricians keep quite secret...) and for 3 hours Charles played songs that are true American gems. He seamlessly played from light jazz, classic Gershwin, to some charming bossa nova. Our guests thought it a classy treat and many couples shared a cocktail, held hands, and chatted. We will run this evening again, I promise!!
As Fall (my favorite season) arrives, I am inspired by food even more--the aromas this time of year just seem more profound in the inn! Folks staying in our Adelaire Room always comment the best feeling of waking up from their slumber with the smells of bread or muffins baking filtering into their room.
So, a little break after the busy Summer season for this innkeeper. Still lots of events to plan, recipes to ponder, and guests on their way for Fall Foliage.
I hope you can experience the New England Fall some time soon.
Until next time,

Your Maine Innkeeper
Naples, Maine