Saturday, August 27, 2011

After the Prom....

My good friend, Andrea, visiting her parents in our native New Hampshire, came to Naples and The Inn at Long Lake yesterday. Andrea lives in Hemet, California. She was also my high school Senior Prom Date! Andrea reminded me that I asked her way back in junior high school! (Now, I've heard of reservations, but....). It was a glorious reunion and a day to remember.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Movie for Foodies

Hi, Blog Friends.

While this Innkeeper doesn't have much time to relax in lodging Peak Season, I was able recently to catch a movie called "Pressure Cooker." Many of us who enjoy food as a hobby/profession/lifestyle might enjoy this 1-1/2 hour documentary.

The story involves a class of 12 Philadelphia culinary arts students facing the challenges of the high school experience, their home lives, and their dreams of a better life. The teacher, Wilma Stephenson (pictured above), teaches the students (many for the first time) the requirement of discipline. Street savvy and keen on the slacking ways of students, she keeps at them all. Her goal: to get them to a level to where a citywide cooking competition can accept them. From there, scholarships are potentially earned.Bold

Three students are focused on in the film. Each come from a set of challenges. No, this is not as gritty as Precious, or as sweet as Julie and Julia. It is a movie that does make us applaud that in whatever we strive to learn, perserverance (despite mistakes) is necessary. As foodies we must keep our discipline and strive for the next level of learning. Teacher Stephenson has strict teaching methods but, also, a tender heart underneath (think Debbie Allen in Fame with a whisk).

I think this is a good movie and hope you will check "Pressure Cooker" out!

Keith A. Neubert


The Inn at Long Lake

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Lovely Day in Maine

Pictured above: A beautiful shot (thanks to Mother Nature) of Brandy Pond. Brandy Pond is right off the Naples Causway (the other side of the Causeway is Long Lake. Brandy Pond feeds in Sebago Lake, the second largest body of lake water in Maine. The weather was superb today and I wanted to share this with my Blog Friends.