Sunday, August 29, 2010

Inn at Long Lake's First Guests!

Greetings from a warm, sunny day by Long Lake in Maine!

A short while ago Cheryl and James P. from Lilburn, Georgia stayed at the inn. Shortly after check-in, they revealed to Gail (my administrative assistant) and I that they were Inn at Long Lake's FIRST guests!

Back in the 1980's when the building was converted into an inn, Cheryl and James recalled the story of needing accommodations as they traveled Route 302 through town. They pulled into the inn, met the owners (who were a little nervous about having their first guests, but charming nonetheless).

In the morning, Cheryl made a comment to the innkeeping couple that shades would be a nice touch in the guest room (they stayed in the Freeport Room, now called The Copland Room). The innkeepers accepted the suggestion kindly and fed them breakfast. Cheryl and James went on with their lives and returned this August to reflect on their years away.

While every guest that comes to Inn at Long Lake is special, Cheryl and James will always have the honor of being its first guests! (Sorry, the video is 5 seconds long--Gail trpped over a squirrel).

Have a great day...or whichever type of day you want. ;-)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Another Piece of Cake!

(Above: Me frosting the cake and applying chopped walnuts to a very special birthday cake for Amy).

Greetings, Blog Friends.

Inn at Long Lake has been wonderfully busy the last few weeks and much has transpired during this time. Everyone has been in good spirits. This makes my job as Innkeeper and Chef much easier.

I was contacted last week by a former guest who has a daughter counseling at Camp Agawam in Raymond, Maine. Her birthday was coming up and I was asked to bake an inn-made Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting for her. I had made Carrot Cake in the past so this went well (the best recipe I found was with my old Oster blender, believe it or not).

Delivering the cake to the camp was hysterical! I placed the frosted cake in the trunk of my car (all cleaned out by my handyman, Cree, that day. I placed the cake in a cardboard box and garnished it with 4 fresh daisies. I was hyper-sensitive to every bump along the 12 mile trip. I drove it over like it was the President of the Karen Carpenter Fan Club! Its final destination at the Camp was in the Main Office where all the other counselors verbalized statements of jealousy. It was a special day--my first "by scratch cake sale!"

Learn as you go, I say. Take your passion step by step along its road. Interject love at every joyful lesson. Be patient with yourself along the way.

Things are happy here in Western Maine. Hope they are wherever you are as well.

Keith A. Neubert