Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"I've Heard of Coal for Christmas..."

...but Cole for Halloween??!!

Many things going on at the inn lately. The Foliage Seekers from all over the globe graced Western Maine--and Mother Nature did not disappoint them one iota this year. Hues of oranges, reds, and yellows blazed along the roadways of the area, splashing off the lakes in Monet fashion. Even with the rain we had, the colors still linger on even now!

I have been thinking a bit about Cole Porter over October (his passing was on October 15, 1965). Robin & Katie, two gals from Metro Boston, actually picked Inn at Long Lake and The Cole Porter Room to celebrate their 1-year anniversary. I was touched to know they shared my interest in this brilliant composer/lyricist.

In today's mail, my dear friend, Lin, in Dunedin, Florida had sent me a Halloween package. In it was a CD of "Dionne Warwick Sings Cole Porter" (which I am groovin' to now!). Dionne is one great lady with a gorgeous, unique voice. "You're The Top,""Begin the Beguine,""Night and Day," and "I Love Paris in the Springtime." All great classics in American songwriting, for sure. What a treasured gift and cool coincidence!

If your Ouiji board is "in the shop" and you'd enjoy spending some time with Cole Porter (hehe), come to our Thanksgiving Weekend Sing-a-long Event, featuring the piano stylings of Charles Grindle. It will be a toe tapper, I am certain!

Best to all! And remember...."Anything Goes!"

Your Maine Innkeeper,

Keith A. Neubert

Inn at Long Lake

Monday, October 12, 2009

A Lovely Guest Comment...

The last few weeks have been very busy at the inn. The ever-popular Fryeburg Fair and gorgeous scenic views abounding in Western Maine have brought guests from all over the world--Michigan, Wisconsin, the United Kingdom, and many more!

Here is a nice e-mail we received from 2 couples who stayed at the inn this past week:

"According to Webster, an inn is "a public house for the lodging and entertaining of travelers". We would give the Inn at Long Lake an "A+" on both counts. As a lodging, the experience was more than memorable - a modernized 103 year old building that serves as home not only to Keith and his staff but to all who pass within. Impeccable service, the best of conveniences, and wonderful breakfasts.

As for the entertaining of travelers, the experience couldn't have been better. We have traveled via B&B's (only way to go) for over 20 years, so we have experience in this area. As an innkeeper, Keith is unmatched, not only in his expertise and sincerity, but in the overall manner he and his staff truly make the visitor feel appreciated and important. They really want you to enjoy your experience. This sounds ordinary, but many such businesses have become just that - "give them the barest of essentials and congenialities and let them make their own vacation". Inn at Long Lake is different, and we hope that never changes. We will return to the Inn, and we will see if it has. Matter of fact, we can't wait!!

Thanks all for providing what you obviously had in mind - not just a four day blur of little events but the happiest of experiences remembered by the guest and, hopefully, remembered by the staff as well. You succeeded!!"

Thanks to Bill, Sherri, Sheila, and Al for the kind words. They mean so much!

Your Maine Innkeeper,

Keith A. Neubert
Naples, Maine