Friday, October 22, 2010

My Mom comes for a Visit...

Greetings, Blog Friends in CyberLand.

My Mom (Elaine) came to visit yesterday (she's upstairs in the GLENN MILLER SUITE sleeping now). We enjoyed an afternoon of baking Hermit Bars and Grapenut Custard for our guests from the United Kingdom (they've been here 7 days; sweet as can be--their last request for breakfast is Maine Blueberry Pancakes, of course!). Of course, my Mom came up with her Rav4 packed with goodies for me (mostly kitchen items from my Grandmother's condo). We spent some time sorting through what I could actually use.

A lot has gone down in my personal life lately and I guess that I am thankful that a full inn and these things are not running against each other. As the Foliage/Fall season winds down slowly, I look forward to just being "quiet" and still. Time to re-center, re-group, rest, and intend my path ahead. I don't know of any innkeeper that is not feeling tired from their hard work during Summer and Fall. Innkeeping is a noble calling but, if done right, it will kick you on your butt!!

My own computer is in the shop at the moment (the screen went bye-bye) so to share any images from JB's visit to Maine, or my reunion with my oldest friend on the planet (Bob), or gorgeous Fall in Maine, will have to wait for later blog entries.

This is a perfect time of year to bake and cook. Aromas seem highlighted against the coolness of the Autumn air. Look for more home cooking tips in the near future.

Keith A. Neubert

Friday, October 1, 2010

"The Magic of Louis"

Greetings, Blog Friends.

Fall is starting to show reveal its colors out here in Western Maine. Despite the wet, rainy weather, it has been on the warmer side.

I had the time to watch a wonderful DVD from NetFlix about Louis Armstrong (Room #12 at Inn at Long Lake is named after him). It was called "The Wonderful World of Louis Armstrong." It was excellent!!!

From his humble beginnings in the poor neighborhoods of New Orleans to his legendary rise as a major influence in the jazz music of our country, Louis Armstrong was a real person. He was married quite a few times, faced challenges throughout his life, and, still, was humble to the very end. Months before this viewing, an author once deemed Louis Armstrong was THE most important icon of American music in the last 100 years. Why? His answer was explained by the opinion that no other artist is as recognizable with his instrument (trumpet, in this case) as well as his singing voice. Get this movie---you will consider him correct.

On other news, JB, my dear friend in San Francisco, flies out tomorrow night to assist in the big Fall Foliage Week. JB is multi-dimensional---a Master Gardener, a creative artist, quite an excellent cook, and enjoys all the projects I can't seem to get around to at this point of the year. Plus, we enjoy each other's company very much so "working and chatting" is allowed....and appreciated. JB has not seen Fall in Maine ever, so I am happy Mother Nature has prepared a gift of her magic for his arrival!

That's all from Naples, ME! May your day be colorful and abundant wherever you are.

Keith A. Neubert