Monday, March 21, 2011

"Some Good Press is Always Nice"

Hello, Blog Friends.

This past week I received some nice press in The Bridgton News. I was unaware that the guest was a writer for the newspaper. That makes the kind words even more sweet. It reads:


"Last year, Jolene and I won a wonderful gift certificate at the Chinese auction...We won a four-course meal at the Inn at Long Lake in Naples for four people.

So last Sunday, Jolene and I dined at the inn...The place is spectacular. We had never been in before. Chef and Innkeeper Keith A. Neubert met us at the door and showed us to our table )we had the place to ourselves). I must say if you have never been to a swanky place, then here is where you can go. It puts you into a whole other world.

He place our napkins in our laps and was Johnny-on-the-spot with everything from soup to dessert. The food was expertly done, and Chef Keith made us feel ritzy. I must say the desset was to die for--bread pudding with whiskey sauce. It was the piece de resistance."

I am always grateful to receive lovely words like this, of course. I guess this is (in some way) proof that when you put your heart into your passion, it always comes back in good ways. Sometimes we do not readily see how "good" comes back to us, but, in this case, I certainly feel glad it did---and that their Sunday dinner together was everything I wanted it to be.

That's all from (getting warmer) Naples, Maine. Be well. Be happy.

Keith A. Neubert

Saturday, March 12, 2011

"Am I Charlie Sheen with a Whisk?"

Hi, Blog Friends.

Tonight is confession night. Yes, now is the time that I come clean with you.

I'm a cookbook addict---a selective cookbook addict but a cookbook addict nonetheless. I have so many cookbooks and magazines. They make me happy. They comfort me. They inspire me to entertain my guests even more.

A recent chat with a lovely guest was eye-opening. She turned to me and revealed (in an oddly quiet tone) that she loves cookbooks and "had to stop" acquiring them. No yard sale, no retail bookstore, no Goodwill store, no attic of a deceased relative was off limits. She'd find it, bring it happily home, touch it, read it, and smile. Ahhh......finally.....I was not alone!

I did inquire and ask if there was a 12-step program for 'people like us'---also suggesting we maybe meet for cocktails before the group (hahaha). We laughed but I know others like us are out there. I don't spend a good amount of time wondering why the attachments to cookbooks feeds me. Rather, I rationalize it by knowing it is just a source of Joy and an integral part of my approach to innkeeping and providing hospitality. Here I say: Take that knowledge, get to the store, and make a new recipe in your kitchen! Travel the journey--for it is a journey--of any recipe without any extra baggage charges! (Your family and friends will gladly share in you being so brave--and maybe taste something new!)

Oh, and if you are looking for a stellar Devil's Food Cake recipe, check out the Ladies' Home Journal Cookbook (1960). It is delicious and interesting and easy to make! Yes, this book called out for $2.99 of my money at an antique store in local Oxford, Maine. Money well spent!

There.....I have come clean. Thank you for your support ;-).

Keith A. Neubert


Inn at Long Lake---Naples, Maine