Tuesday, January 14, 2014

And So It Goes....

Dear Blog Friends near and far:

I truly hope that everyone's holiday season was filled with great moments with family and friends. And....I certainly hope that recipes (as well as lots of hugs) were exchanged during your gatherings.

Firstly, I would like to express my sincere sympathy to the family and loved ones of Richard Cirillo. Richard and his partner, Debbie, were guests at the inn back in 2005 (when Buddy Marcum owned the inn; I was the Inn Chef at the time prior to ownership.) Richard appeared on my TV series "Cooking Inn Style" and working with him was such a delight. A former law enforcement officer & detective, Richard loved his Italian heritage and our episode together focused around a simple, yet amazing, lasagna "the way his Italian mother taught him."

The filming took almost 2-1/2 hours (it is true that Italians love food and we all know that love takes time!).  The show was edited by producer Bill Felts Jr. (also my very laid back director and friend). The finished product was amazing and it was one of the heaviest lasagnas I had ever felt.  In contrast the flavor was astounding---so simple but laden with the wonderful heritage and love found in Italian households across our great country.

Besides his love for his Italian heritage, Richard loved to laugh. He had survived prostate cancer long before we became acquainted and managed the aftermath with dignity and humor. His partner, Debbie, is (and was) a great sidekick.  They loved making each other laugh and it carried them through the last days of Richard's life. Debbie and Richard came to the Lake Region/Western Maine area to build the home of their dreams. They did and Richard was able to enjoy it until his illness.

We lost a great soul last week but I can assure you that God is delighted at having Richard back home. Richard, you are missed and loved. We will remember you the way you wanted us to---with a warm memory and a smile. Those things you gave to us.

In loving memory of Richard Cirillo, Bridgton, Maine & Long Island, New York.

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