Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Lesson from Nature....

It's funny how sometimes when you are driving, you see something and your "just have to stop." In this case, I heard something the other day. It was a roar of racing water in a river in Bridgton (which is one town away from Naples and The Inn at Long Lake).

The great gift of amazing scenic views in the Western Maine area really needs to be experienced. It is interesting what your mind can contemplate when you are in such natural beauty. Your pulse slows down, you notice the simple things (like leaves or how trees grow or how a bird gets his dinner).

With the strength of this river that washes through our small towns, I offer you a lyric from Singer-Songwriter Julia Fordham. May it remind you today about "letting go."

Yes, you can just relax and let everything takes its course.

RIVER by Julia Fordham

Hey you, pushing the river
With the world there on your shoulders
Don't you remember a single thing
The good book told you?

Hey you, treading the water
WIth your dipping out of the clouds
Sinking down, down, down, down
Waving to the old crowd

An they send these things to try us
And try us they do!

Don't push the river
Don't push the river
Let it carry you......

Over the endless troubles, over the trying times
These are the words of wisdom from a reckless mind.


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